Kids Percussion Summer Camps Coming in July!

Well, Summer 2014 is flying by this year and my Summer Percussion Camp will be here soon! This year I will be doing 2 camps. One in Fairhope at The Eastern Shore Arts Center and one at The Lauren Rogers Art Museum in Laurel MS! Check out the info below....

This Summer our kids will learn about all the different types of percussion and drums from around the World. They will get a chance to play rhythmic games that will build their "inner" sense of rhythm while playing together in a drum circle format. Campers will also take part in what John calls the "Nature Jam" where they'll get a chance to create a nature scene using instruments to make sounds of water, wind, rain, thunder, crickets, leaves, trees blowing, and other animal sounds. This not only exposes them to why the instruments were first created, but helps to open their senses to the sounds they hear while outside. These activities also cultivate their awareness and concentration. The kids will also learn different world rhythms and get to each play different parts together as an ensemble. These exercise develop their listening skills and teach them how to work together as a group. A concert will also be performed for the parents at the end of the week!


Kids are encouraged to play with confidence and find their "inner rhythm."

Kids are encouraged to play with confidence and find their "inner rhythm."

July 14-18

Eastern Shore Arts Center

401 Oak St. Fairhope Al 36532

Two Sessions...

10:00AM-12:00PM AND 1:00PM-3:00PM

Sign up with this Link... or call 251-928-2228 ext 107

for more info please email to


July 22-25

Lauren Rogers Art Museum

565 N 5th Ave Laurel, MS

One Session 2pm-5pm 


As class sizes are limited, reservations will only be held with payment. To register for a class you may pay online, or contact the Museum at 601.649.6374 or



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